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I joined the dark side

…and bought an iPhone, something I said I’d never do. I’ve been wanting an Android phone for a bit now (as much as I love my Blackberry, they are sadly on their way out), but unless I wait for my upgrade next year, I’m looking at $300-400 for a new, refurbished, or slightly used phone. So I hopped on Craigslist and did some searching. I found someone selling a near mint iPhone 3G that was – and this was the selling point since I don’t have AT&T – jailbroken for $100. I contacted the guy and 2 days later, I became an iPhone owner. Continue reading

Amazon Kindle: a review

My mom bought me a Kindle Touch (with special offers) as an early Christmas/Hanukkah gift, and I’ve barely had it three days, but I felt the need to blog on it.

I first considered getting an e-reader because I have all these books I want to read, but carrying some of them around is a more cumbersome task than it’s worth. At the rate I’m going with the Kindle, I may even set myself a goal for books read next year! Exciting, no? Continue reading